Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Samurai Business Contextual Messaging Extension for Oracle WebCenter

We have recorded demo videocast for our WebCenter 11g extension - Business Contextual Messaging. Read more about our extensions for WebCenter - Red Samurai Social Enterprise Extensions for Oracle WebCenter. Videocast explains in detail how this extension works - very similar to Facebook, except pictures we have business data. Business Contextual Messaging extension is designed to simplify business communication within enterprise:
  1. Minimize emails and transfer business communication directly into enterprise system
  2. Enable easier tracking and escalation of communication on business context
  3. Be able to read new messages directed to business user, based on custom security
  4. Check if business user is online/offline
Extension is built using ADF 11g Faces and ADF Task Flows, consuming WebCenter Java API in the background. WebCenter Java API is used to integrate standard WebCenter Activity Stream functionality for Business Contextual Messaging approach.

Demo videocast is recorded in HD, switch to 720p and fullscreen mode on Youtube for better video quality:

Complete set of WebCenter extensions from Red Samurai:

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