Friday, October 23, 2015

Customer References - Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit

We have collected many customer references for Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit Tool around the globe. You can browse through and check what other people are saying about this tool and our ADF work - Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit Tool.

Pretty happy to receive such strong feedback from different countries. This encourages us to implement new features and release new versions.

Some of the references, read more in the dedicated page:

Orlando Kelly, AMEC Foster Wheeler, Canada

Thanks for the new version of this tool. For any serious production web application, being able to instrument the application and then analyze the use and performance of it should be a mandatory practice for all web development shops. We have been using this tool on our application for the last few years and it has helped immensely in improving the performance and stability of our application to a global audience.

In any large ADF application, the ability to drill down to specific view objects that may be causing an issue or look at historic data to spot trends is a lifesaver.

I'm looking forward to utilizing this next version of the tool in the next few weeks.

Torben, TIA, Denmark

We are using this tool, both in production and also during development. Our product is a large ADF application with ~400 taskflows, utilizing UIShell from Oracle. RSA Audit tool has been an integral part of our product since version 2.6, and has really helped us a lot finding performance issues. By using this tool as an integral part of the application, we have a common reference when sorting out performance problems with our customers. Internally we have a single RSA database installation which collects data from all our development- and test environments. So the possibility to differentiate log-data from individual servers is essential - and Andrejus was quick to implement this feature when we requested it! This tool just gets better and better for each release! Thank you Andrejus, for providing the ADF community with such a great tool - we really appreciate it!

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