Saturday, October 17, 2015

Switching Alta UI and Skyros on Runtime ADF 12c

Skyros UI can be useful for heavy data entry screens. Both Alta UI and Skyros can be integrated into one application, depending on the form/module opened - application UI can be switched and render based on selected skin. This could be good compromise for front end screens implemented with Alta UI and heavy data entry screens with Skyros.

Sample application -, by default is rendered in Alta UI:

When user clicks on Maintenance button, different page from the same application will be rendered using Skyros style. You can notice - much more content (form fields, table columns) can be fit into screen with Skyros (although it doesn't look as great as Alta UI). This can be useful for applications implementing both pretty front end pages and heavy data entry forms:

I have implemented simple navigation between two pages in outbounded ADF TF:

There is a session scope bean method responsible to return UI to use, by default it returns Alta UI:

Skin family is set dynamically in Trinidad file, reading current value from the bean:

Button contains property listener to update skin to use:

I hope demonstrated approach will be useful for smoother migration to Alta UI and ADF 12c.

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