Friday, October 16, 2015

OOW'15 Session Preview - Oracle Alta UI Patterns for Enterprise Applications and Responsive UI Support

This is preview post for my OOW'15 session - Oracle Alta UI Patterns for Enterprise Applications and Responsive UI Support [UGF2717]. I'm going to talk and demo various useful things about Alta UI and ADF. Title talks about UI, but there will be much more. I'm going to show you, Alta UI is not only about look and feel, it is totally new way of building enterprise applications. Certainly UI is very important, but you should not forget about such topics as performance, scalability and reusability. All this and modern UI would make your enterprise application successful.

One of the key topics I will be speaking about - high performance data integration into Alta UI. I will be using live data from Twitter and through WebSocket channel communicating it to Alta UI ADF 12c dashboard screen. I have recorded preview video, you can watch it here:

Dashboard UI with live Twitter data is based on my previous example - Dashboard Implementation with ADF 12c Alta UI. Twitter stream data is managed in ADF 12c application by JavaScript function, here I'm receiving message from WebSocket, parsing it with JSON and assigning values to to ADF UI components:

This is the result displayed in Alta UI:

I will cover these topics during session:

1. High performance dashboard implementation for Alta UI

2. Responsive UI support

3. ADF Regions usage and responsive UI

4. List component usage

5. Menu and Panel Drawer

6. Editable forms implementation in Alta UI

7. Dynamic editable forms implementation

8. Master-Detail implementation in Alta UI

9. Table pagination implementation

10. ADF BC auto-refresh functionality

11. Coexistence of Alta UI and previous ADF skins

See you soon in San Francisco !


Unknown said...

I hope that a video of your presentation at open world will be available.

Andrej Baranovskij said...

Yes, I will try to record it and post online.