Saturday, December 15, 2018

Off Canvas Menu in Oracle VBCS/JET Cloud

These days I'm actively working with VBCS/JET Cloud product from Oracle. The more I work with VBCS the more I like it. VBCS follows similar declarative development concepts as Oracle ADF, this makes it easy to get up to speed with VBCS development. VBCS with declarative JavaScript development approach brings unique solution for JavaScript systems implementation for enterprise.

I will share sample with off canvas menu implementation for VBCS app. Sample is based on step by step guide shared by Shay Shmeltzer. I don't describe steps how to build off canvas in VBCS from scratch, you should watch Shay's video for the instructions.

Off canvas menu rendered in VBCS app:

You should check how to build multiple flows in VBCS app in my previous post - Flow Navigation Menu Control in Oracle VBCS. I have defined three flows in my sample, this means there will be three menu items:

To render menu in off canvas block, I'm using JET navigation list component:

Sample app code which can be imported into your VBCS instance is available on GitHub.

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