Thursday, March 13, 2014

How To Setup MDS Repository for Embedded WLS Instance

Recently I was enabling external MDS repository for ADF MDS Seeded Customizations, I was facing issues while testing such MDS repository with my local embedded WLS instance - running it directly from JDeveloper. I managed to find a solution at the end, so I would like to share it with you.

I was doing same thing as to configure MDS support for ADF Query Saved Search - defining persistence config in add-config.xml file. This config allows to map your ADF application, enabled with MDS, with MDS repository during deployment:

With persistence config in adf-config.xml present, while deploying sample application -, to the embedded WLS server instance:

You will get MDS repository configuration wizard screen, where you could choose MDS repository name, type and provide partition name. However, by default MDS repository is not present on embedded WLS and we can't really define MDS repository:

Good news - to define MDS repository for the embedded WLS instance is quite easy. Of course, this MDS repository is supposed to be used during development only, not during production. During production you should use DB based MDS repository configured on the stand alone server. While locally, we could create pretty basic file based MDS repository. This can be done in Persistence Stores section, under Services - choose to create new File based repository. Only things you need to set: name and directory. See below my example:

Once you press OK, MDS repository is created in the file system:

Try to deploy sample ADF application again - you should get MDS repository name in the list. This is file based repository and you could define MDS partition name. Under this partition will be stored all MDS documents for the current application:


Daniel Merchán García said...

Hi Andrejus.

Good tip as always :).

Adding another tip about MDS and WLS Integrated from my experience when developing WebCenter Framework Portal:

I usually install ADF Framework package (to enable EM) in the Integrated WebLogic and tune adf-config.xml to use a development environment database based MDS. With this way all developers can share the dev database MDS and the customizations from their integrated environments :).


Andrej Baranovskij said...

Yes, good point - it makes sense for WC development. Pure ADF - file based is enough, light and works smooth in development.