Thursday, March 27, 2014

Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool v 3.0 - Getting Smarter

Our ADF Performance Audit tool is growing and getting smarter. Current release v 3.0 is focusing on collected audit data reporting effectiveness. There were many features added since early release in 2012 - Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool - Runtime Diagnosis for ADF Applications. You can check features added in 2.8 release - Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool v 2.8 - Activation Focus.

Why v 3.0 release is smarter? Because it can tell ADF application health. We are collecting and analysing multiple ADF application performance metrics and calculating LED status - red, yellow or green to indicate ADF application health (see top right corner):

Application health indication can be drilled down to see more detailed metrics about ADF application performance:

My favourite new feature - performance analysis monitor. We display full history for performance issues, logins, queries and transactions. It is very easy to see and compare ADF application performance in time:

We are not only reporting data, but also analysing it. We apply special algorithm to smooth data and display trends in ADF application usage and number of issues:

This helps to understand, if ADF performance issue are result of higher load on the system or ADF BC is not tuned.

We also display total distribution of activations per each AM - this helps to understand AM's under heavy activations and tune ADF BC configuration:


Unknown said...

any chance you release older versions for free?

Andrej Baranovskij said...

This is already for free - even this version, but there is no download. You should only convince us - you really need this tool and describe in detail what performance issues you are facing. Preferably you should send an email offline. We are not publishing it online, but if someone really requires such tool - we could share, not a big deal. Otherwise we install it in our projects and explain customers how to use it to monitor performance and apply fixes.