Sunday, June 19, 2011

JDev 11g R2 - ADF BC Dependency Diagram Feature

Most of the projects tend to contain huge number of ADF BC objects and different dependencies between them. It was always very complex job, especially during refactoring, to understand these dependencies and make sure no Association or View Link is lost. With JDeveloper 11g R2, this job becomes much easier - we are given ADF BC diagrammer tool out of the box. This diagrammer tool can visualize ADF BC Association and View Link dependencies between EO's and VO's respectively.

Let's generate ADF BC objects with Associations and View Links for HR schema. Departments EO will be generated among other objects, let's open it:

ADF BC wizards are coming with additional tab - Diagram. It shows relationships between dependent objects for selected EO:

Diagram relationship feature is supported for VO's as well:

Download sample application -

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Mihai Decu said...


Do you know if it's possible to export the diagram as HTML or PDF, or some other format?