Thursday, January 5, 2012

ADF Data Control Fix for BPM 11g Human Tasks

There is one thing worth to know about auto-generated ADF Data Control from BPM 11g Human Task. JDeveloper assigns same root package names for different BPM 11g Human Task projects, this hides ADF Data Control entry from Data Control window and prevents ADF developer from using it. Reproduced with JDeveloper 11g PS4. Workaround - manually refactor DataControls.dcx file into unique root folder.

Typically developer auto-generates or creates ADF Data Control for BPM 11g Human Task using JDeveloper wizard options. Let's generate ADF Data Control for ResourceRequest Human Task:

Generate another ADF Data Control for ResourceApproval Human Task:

As result, we have two projects auto-generated with ADF Data Control for both Human Tasks. While generating these projects, there was no option to specify preferred root package - it generates same com.redsamurai for both projects:

Open Data Controls section, you will see only one ADF Data Control available. But we should have two, one for each Human Task:

Refactor root package to be unique and DataControls.dcx file not to be on the same package path in different projects, for example append com.redsamurai.request name:

Now both ADF Data Controls show up correctly:

For your reference, download sample application -


Unknown said...

Hi Andreus,
do you know how to solve another one issue related to the Human Tasks data controls:
In multi-dev environment each developer checks the sources to different folders on their laptops, so it's really annoying to change taskLoc and SchemaLocation to the existing absolute path. Oramds URLs could be the best solution but it seems that JDev HumanTask DataControl refresh wizard do not understand oramds: URLs,

I receive s:\soa\shared\custom\hw\CreateOrder.task (The system cannot find the path specified)
at Method)

Andrej Baranovskij said...

In our projects we have standard for each developer to check out into same folder structure.