Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Running ADF BC Browser inside Oracle BPM 11g Applications

Did you had a chance to developed Oracle BPM 11g application in combination with ADF BC? If yes - most likely you faced a problem with ADF BC Browser. ADF BC test utility simply doesn't start, if ADF BC project is implemented in the same application, where BPM process is defined. Most common error: MDS-01330: unable to load MDS configuration document. Don't worry - there is workaround for this bug.

Once again - ADF BC project is implemented within the same application, where we have BPM process project. Try to run AM:

Error is thrown about JBO-33001: Configuration file /tester.xcfg is not found in the classpath:

Workaround is to temporary (until you want to run ADF BC Browser) comment out MDS definition in adf-config.xml file:

ADF BC Browser is starting successfully now:

Looks like there is a conflict between ADF BC Browser runtime and MDS store configuration in adf-config.xml, specifically for BPM 11g applications. There is no such problem when running ADF BC Browser in WebCenter 11g applications. Make sure to uncomment MDS definition, when ADF BC Browser is not needed anymore.


Anonymous said...

I had that problem and solved it by defining the "oracle.home" environment variable pointing to the jdeveloper directory ("C:\Oracle\Middleware11.1.1.6\jdeveloper" in my case)

Did you try this?

Best regards,
Daniel Martins

Andrej Baranovskij said...

Hi Daniel,

I was trying to define oracle home, but same error was reproduced. May be specific to environment.

But anyway - thanks for update.


Dennis Michaelis said...

Thank you Andrejus,

i've got the same error. First I've tried your case and comment out the MDS configuration. That works fine.

After that, i've tried out Daniel's solution, this work's too. But you must restart the JDeveloper so that the enviroment variables where reload. And there must be a dot not an underscore like the normal oracle enviroment variable.

Best regards,

Andrej Baranovskij said...

Very cool - thanks for update :)


cumibulat said...

AWESOME !!! tried to googling for a few hours and go to oracle forums, but can't find any answer..
i tried to create a user variable in environment variable and it works like a charm..


Anonymous said...

If you only comment or remove the mds-config section, de bpm proces does not compile!

Andrej Baranovskij said...

You need to comment it only when testing ADF BC, uncomment it later again ;)