Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service - External SOAP Service Connector

These days everything is about MCS/MAF. I'm also looking into this new area, but I'm trying to mix traditional ADF topics and new things. Who knows may be MCS/MAF is a new big thing and its good time to learn it. I was testing how it works to define my own custom SOAP connector to calculate currency conversion rate.

MCS developer portal allows to create and use new connector. Special wizard helps to complete this task, just click on large CONNECTORS icon:

There is new option available to create new SOAP/REST connector:

Wizard reminds me JDEV interface, steps are similar as to generate SOAP connection in JDEV. You need to provide SOAP WSDL URL, name and description:

If create action is successful, General step is displayed with SOAP connector general details:

Port step provides information required when you would like to call SOAP service through the connector in custom code:

There is no security and in the last step I can test it. I'm checking for conversion rate from EUR to USD in the payload. Mobile backend should be specified to test connector SOAP call. I would understand Mobile backend something like Application Module in ADF BC, it is required to group business logic and expose interface:

SOAP service is invoked and I can see the response:

Connector is tested through mobile backend. Later in the diagnostics section we could see invocation statistics:

Next step would be to include connector call into custom API.

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