Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Notification Messages in Oracle JET

Let's take a look into cool component available in Oracle JET - notification messages (it is possible to display messages in different ways - inline or overlay. Check more about messages functionality in JET Cookbook example).

This is how notifications messages are showing up, very cool way to send information to the user:

Messages are implemented with oj-messages components. This component accepts observable array of messages to be displayed. We can specify how message is displayed (notification in this case), position information and close listener (where we can remove message info entry from messages array):

In sample processAction function I'm pushing new entries into messages array. To simulate delay for second message, pushing second entry with 1 second delay. Once message is closed after standard delay time - function closeMessageHandler is invoked, where we are removing entry from array:

Sample application code is available on my GitHub repo.

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