Tuesday, February 5, 2019

JDeveloper 12c IDE Performance Boost

There is a way to optimize JDeveloper 12c IDE performance by disabling some of the features you are not using.

I was positively surprised with improved JDeveloper responsiveness after turning off some of the features. ADF BC, Task Flow, and ADF Faces wizards started to respond in a noticeably faster way. Simple change and big performance gain, awesome.

One of the strongest JDeveloper performance improvements come from disabling TopLink feature. Ironically - TopLink is an abandoned product (12.1.3 was the last release). I remember back in 2006 TopLink was very promising and it was almost becoming the default platform for ADF Model. One of the old blog posts written by me related to TopLink - External Transaction Service in Oracle TopLink. But luckily it was overshadowed by ADF BC.

These are the features I disabled in my JDeveloper to get performance gain:


Unknown said...

That is great Andrejus, thank you! I noticed an improvement.

It also helped me tuning JVM heap size on product.conf file ;-)

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thank you, it works out as a charm!